Copper coins set for sale on eBay

Copper coins have never been so popular.

With sales in the thousands, they have also been the subject of controversy.

On Monday, the Jewish Agency (JFA) announced that it had decided to sell off some coins set in the denomination 1943 copper.

The announcement comes after a similar move earlier this year, when the JFA announced that a collection of coins in the 1943-1948 denomination would be sold.

The 1943-1945 coins are set in a series of three varieties, one with the legend “JFA”, the other “Crown Jewels” and the third “Judaic coins”.

The coins, which have been in circulation since 1882, have been used as coins and coinswares throughout the world for over a century.

However, the JFAs decision to sell the coins follows an announcement in May that a new coin in the coin set, known as “JFAs Gold” would be added to the market.

The JFA said the new coins would be minted by the company that produces the coins.JFAS Gold is an entirely new coin set.

It is made up of two sets of six coins and comes in three varieties: “JFs Gold”, “C” and “G”.

“The coins are minted in Israel, with the exception of a few pieces that were struck in China, China, Russia, the Czech Republic, France and Sweden.

The coins have not been produced in the United States or anywhere else, except for the Czech and Swedish coins, the latter of which was produced in Italy,” the JFCA said in a statement.”

In the future, a new series of JFAS coins will be produced in a similar way to the first series, with an international base, but the same design, as well as an additional series of coins, for use in Israel.”

In addition to the 1943 and 1945 coins, JFSA said that the company producing the coins would produce other coins, such as a commemorative series of 10 coins with a design that will feature the “JFS Gold” inscription, as part of a larger collection.

The coin sets in the “Gold” series are currently being sold on eBay for around $1,300 each.

A JFA spokesperson said the decision was made to sell as many of the 1943 coins as possible in order to ensure that the coins remain in circulation.

The “Gold”-set is currently available for pre-order.

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