Copper canyon mining project to increase copper flow in southern BC

A new mining project in southern British Columbia will increase copper flows in the region by adding another layer of rock to the existing copper canyon.

The project, dubbed the Copper Canyon Mining Project, will also increase the volume of copper coming out of the canyon.

It will add another layer to the canyon’s natural copper deposit and the amount of copper mined per year.

The project is one of the largest mining projects in British Columbia.

The province says it will increase the amount and volume of minerals from the mine by up to 5,500 tonnes a year.

That would be equivalent to nearly two million tonnes of copper, about half of what the mining industry produced in the entire state of British Columbia in 2014.

“Copper is really important for our economy and our society, so we wanted to have that type of project,” said Mike Bussman, a senior vice-president at Royal Canadian Mining, one of several companies involved in the project.

“And that’s what we’re doing with this project.

We’re increasing the flow of the copper, which is why we’re able to generate revenue.”

The project will also be the largest copper mining project south of the Fraser River.

The mine will have a total of 10 million tonnes in total of copper and a total surface area of 5.4 million hectares, up from the current amount of 4.8 million hectares.

The new mine is expected to bring in $5.7 million a year in royalties.

The total value of the project is estimated at about $20 million, or about 10 per cent of the province’s overall revenue.

In 2017, the mining boom created tens of thousands of jobs and $2.3 billion in economic activity in British Canada, according to a 2016 study by the Fraser Institute.

Bussmann said the new project will help British Columbians create more jobs in the industry, but also will bring an economic boost to the region.

“The increased flow of copper through the Copper Creek mine will help create more new jobs and will be good for the communities and the economy as well,” he said.

“We’re seeing the impact on tourism and other industries as well.”

The Copper Canyon project is just one of a series of projects that have been proposed to expand copper mining in the area.

The Fraser River Basin Authority says there are about a dozen new copper mining projects that are expected to be approved in the coming years.

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