Gold and platinum coin in the new millennium?

The Australian Mint is going ahead with a new design that is inspired by the gold and platinum coins in the silver-plated sets.

The new coin, which will be released in the middle of March, will feature the iconic coin image from the 1950s.

“We wanted to do something that would be a bit different, but also something that we could actually celebrate the gold-plating period, and also celebrate the platinum-plation period,” said Aussie Mint Director of Mint Design Matt Dyer.

Gold and platinum were introduced by President John F Kennedy and Australia’s Prime Minister Robert Menzies in 1955, with the first coins being struck in 1967.

President Kennedy and Prime Minister Menzie launched the first platinum coin with gold and silver bars in 1965.

More than 70 years later, the coins have continued to be used as a form of currency in the world, with many coins featuring a gold- or platinum-spoon logo.

While the design of the new coin is inspired in part by the coins, it is also meant to represent Australia’s national identity, and is a reference to our Gold and Platinum national emblem.

It is a tribute to our great past and to our continued relationship with our gold- and platinum-mining communities.

Dyer said the design was inspired by images from the first gold and copper coins in 1957, when the Australian Government commissioned a design by Australian sculptor John Beadle.

Mr Beadles artwork, featuring the silver and gold coins, was unveiled in October.

But he died in 2000.

He created the coin designs for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and was awarded the Royal Gold Medal in 2017.

Mining history is not forgotten, Mr Dyer said.

We wanted something that could be a reminder of where we came from and the impact of our gold and gold mining communities on Australia.

This is a very important time for our country, and it’s really important that we look back on it.

Beadle’s design, featuring silver and copper bars, was first unveiled in 1958 and was to be released by the Royal Mint in April 2020.

His design for the Australian coin has also inspired gold-filled coin designs.

‘A bit more contemporary’Dyer praised the design, which features the iconic silver-and-gold coins and is intended to celebrate the nation’s mining history.

“It’s a bit more modern in its approach, with a different look to the iconic Gold and Silver coins.

There’s also a reference back to the golden age of Australian mining and the silver mining industry.

All of those things are a very, very important part of our national identity,” he said.”

These coins have been produced for almost 200 years, and that is the heritage of Australia.””

It has been our history and our national treasure and we want to honour that history and celebrate that heritage.”

Dyer added that the design would be an opportunity for people to see the Australian flag and coins.

“The design is very much an Australian coin, it’s a very Australian-looking coin, and we’re hoping people will take it in and have a look at it,” he told

A new coin with an iconic gold-coloured image is now a reality for the Aussie coin industry.

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