Copper skillet is now the new home of the new Copper Door

The Copper Door, which opened on Saturday in Toronto’s east end, has a new home: a barista’s barista.

Located on the second floor of the building’s new restaurant, the Copper Door is a coffee shop, cafe, and espresso bar.

Its menu is a mix of classic British and Asian coffee, plus a few cocktails.

And while the barista, who asked to be identified as Mrs. S., said the restaurant is “just as British” as the original Copper Door in terms of coffee, it’s also got a new vibe.

“We have a bit of an Asian twist on things, we’re kind of more casual, with a more relaxed vibe,” she said.

“There’s also a bit more of a coffee atmosphere, so we’ve tried to do something a little more coffee-friendly.”

The restaurant, which was built by Toronto’s Chinese community, also features a large mural of a “golden age” coffee shop featuring images of famous coffee shops.

And the new barista has already had a taste of the coffee experience.

“I’ve been here before and it was great, it was really cool,” she explained.

“It’s nice to know I’m not alone.”

The cafe is open seven days a week, but there is also a limited number of table service options.

There is also the opportunity to grab a pint from the bar.

Mrs. T said that, in addition to her work as a baristas, she enjoys reading.

“The coffee’s very good, so I’m always looking for new books, and I also like to read a lot,” she laughed.

“But really I’m just enjoying my life.”

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