The latest Trump feud highlights a political fight over the future of the federal government

The latest round of feuds in Washington have revealed a political divide in Washington that has emerged over how the federal system should operate.

The latest clash over the fate of the nation’s top federal employee has been a political firestorm that has exposed a political rift over how federal government should operate, a former White House aide and a retired general said.

Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who now serves as chairman of the Republican National Committee, has accused Priebus of conspiring to obstruct President Donald Trump’s ability to carry out his agenda, including on tax reform and health care.

The feud began with Priebus saying in a television interview that Trump had a “plan” to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Priebus then called the plan “obstructionist” and “a plan that would have a huge cost to the American people.”

Priebus has not ruled out a run for president in 2020, but his critics say he lacks the political capital to run.

Trump, meanwhile, has made Priebus his chief of staff.

The feud has deepened the divide between Trump loyalists and others who think the president should not have to run for re-election, particularly if he loses in 2020.

A Trump supporter in Iowa says Trump has become “an obstructionist” to get his agenda through Congress, which the president has said he would be happy to see happen.

That has frustrated former Trump administration officials and GOP lawmakers who say they will not back down.

“The president needs to be the one who’s doing the talking, the one that’s giving the orders,” said a former top White House official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the latest skirmish.

The former White and Republican official said Priebus’ refusal to support Trump’s tax plan, his refusal to sign legislation on health care and his unwillingness to sign any of Trump’s campaign promises have made it difficult for the president to make the most of his agenda. “

The fight over who should have more authority to make decisions in the federal bureaucracy has also pitted the White House with a federal judge on the bench and a Republican congressional leadership aide with the president.

The Trump administration has repeatedly said it would not negotiate with Democrats to try to fix a health care bill that does not include enough funding for insurers and other reforms.”

The obstructionist position of the president is becoming more and more of a liability for the White Houses ability to get things done,” the former official said.

The Trump administration has repeatedly said it would not negotiate with Democrats to try to fix a health care bill that does not include enough funding for insurers and other reforms.

Democrats have said they do not want to compromise and are eager to work on a replacement for the Affordable Act.

Priebus’ office said the president did not seek or accept the support of any member of Congress for the ACA repeal and replacement.

Priebus, in a statement on Monday, said the administration was working to pass the health care legislation and would continue to pursue that goal.

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake and Juliet Eilperin contributed to this report.

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