Why the copper oxide Formula is Good for Your Eyes and the rest of your body

If you’ve ever had a reaction to the blue tint of the sunscreens you bought at a chemist, it’s likely that you’ve tried a lot of them before.

And if you’ve been following the latest news in the world of sunscreen, you’ve likely also been exposed to a lot more than just the typical blue and green shades.

The blue-green formula has been shown to protect skin against free radicals, and it’s been linked to skin cancers.

And yet, despite this promising safety profile, it hasn’t received the same level of attention from the sunscreen industry. 

In a new study, scientists at the University of California, San Diego found that the copper oxides in the copper-based formula in the popular Coily’s Sunscreen have the opposite effect on the melanocytes in your eyes and the skin around your mouth. 

“The blue-white-blue formula has a significant effect on melanocyte activation and in the absence of antioxidants, we believe that the blue-black formula has no effect on skin cancer prevention,” lead author and professor of cosmetic science Dr. David Cairns told TechRadars. 

The researchers then set out to see if the formula could also improve the health of skin in the eyes and mouth.

They found that when they tested the formula against an alternative, they found that it actually did reduce melanocyte damage. 

So how does the formula protect the skin?

“Coly’s Sunscreens’ blue-grey formula appears to have a significant protection against melanocyte-related damage, but we cannot exclude the possibility that this protective effect is due to its higher pH level and its high level of ceramides,” Dr. Cairn said.

“The ceramids in the formula are thought to act as inhibitors of melanogenesis, but our studies suggest that ceramidin is not the primary mediator of this effect.”

So is the blue formula better for your eyes?

“In terms of overall health, there is no difference in the overall efficacy between the blue and black formulas,” Dr Cairs said.

“The blue formula may be more beneficial for some people, while for others the blue is not helpful at all.”

What’s more, there’s some evidence that the formula actually reduces the amount of melanin you can produce.

“Coly Sunscroses formula seems to be more effective at protecting melanocytes than a white or blue formula, although it appears to be not more effective than the other two,” Dr Follin said.

Coly says the findings have been published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

It is also available as a supplement.

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