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How to choose the right pair of steel socks for your baby

If you’re worried about the possibility of steel sock syndrome, you might be surprised to know that there is no real health problem to worry about.But there are a few factors that might affect the amount of steel you...

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Which copper socks to get?

The first thing you’ll notice about copper socks is that they are not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity.They are meant to be worn every day, with no other purpose than to keep your feet warm and keep your...

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Australian mining company has been fined $300 million for damaging copper ore

Australia’s largest copper miner, Copper Harbour, has been slapped with a $300-million fine for damaging an area of the country’s coast, a decision the company called “unjustified”.The Australian Conservation Foundation said the fine was not justified, noting that it...

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How to make copper socks

In a world of new technology, copper is one of the most expensive materials to produce.But as the number of devices that use it grows, the price is going up.That’s why the U.S. government recently announced it would spend...

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How to get your feet wet with copper socks

It’s hard to believe that the copper socks of the 1960s and 1970s were as popular as they were back then, but they sure were cool.In fact, they were so cool that it’s hard for us to imagine they...

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How to avoid ‘golden’ copper in the new ‘gold’ jewellery?

Gold is a precious metal, and the new high-end jewellery that you see on the market is all about it.That’s why the silver-and-gold alloy copper, which is in a range of different colours, is also called gold.But when you...

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